Specializing in cutting edge morphs since 2008.


New Lil Monsters!

Jun 15, 2021

Can you guess what monster this is?

Feeding new Fig diet

Jun 15, 2021

Trying out the new Fig diet today.


9/10 - 9/11

Anaheim Reptile Super Show!

10/08 - 10/10


Discontinuing Paypal Payment method


PayPal is no longer supporting our hobby. So, in response to the closing of accounts, we will no longer be supporting PayPal as our payment method. Instead, we will be accepting payments through Stripe and Google Pay. If you have any questions please reach out and let us know.


Still working on Part 2/3 for Foundation Genetics


If you haven't seen the intro video check it out on Pangea Reptile's Youtube channel.


About us

Lil Monsters Reptiles

"How did you get into this?"

That's a question we get a lot. I remember when I first saw a Nile Monitor at a small local reptile shop Town and Country Pets. I was so curious and really had no idea that there were shops out there that had reptiles you could just walk in and buy as pets. From what started as a curiosity, turned into a passion.

When I found out that little monitor would grow to around 6 feet, I imagined building a custom terrarium to keep him in and him roaming around my house....



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Crested Geckos

Specializing in cutting edge Crested Gecko morphs since 2008.

Our Crested Gecko lines come from all over North America. We've acquired several lines from Canada, proven designer morphs from the states, wild-caught lines, and even some from the originally imported lines. We primarily focus on structure, wide dorsals, big crest, nose structure, and jawline.

Gargoyle Geckos

Gargoyle Geckos, another of our favorite projects

Here at LIL MONSTERS, we're excited to be working with some of the best Gargoyle lines. Our stock comes from around North America. We try to pick breeders that have good to excellent gargoyle head structure as it is one of the best features of these animals.


Chahoua Geckos, or Mossy Geckos

Our Chahous are all Isle de Pines lines. White-collar, pastel, and bright pink with lime green hues, and dark forest green and red groups are what we primarily breed.


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